About Marine Transportation Services, Inc.

Marine Transportation Services is the owner, operator, and builder of passenger vessels specifically designed to meet the transportation needs of oil and gas companies with platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. As an owner and operator, MTS handles the day to day management of a fleet of 12 crew boats staffed with Marine Transportation Services vessel personnel and leased to oil and gas exploration companies. These vessels range in size from 110’ to 140’. Their common features are high speed capabilities, aluminum construction, large deck space for cargo, exceptional maintenance, and comfortable, safe seating for passengers. When an offshore drilling operation depends on prompt and expedient delivery, MTS shines through. To charter a Marine Transportation Services vessel is to hire our complete marine facility. We take pride in our comprehensive commitment to meet client needs. Marine Transportation Services excels in the industry by offering our clients the benefits of family leadership, quality personnel, a complete back up system of support facilities, and staunch vessels.

Support Facilities

As a part of our complete customer services, Marine Transportation Services owns and operates a shipyard which specializes in the construction, refurbishment and repair of its vessels. In fact, our shipyard in Panama City, Florida, has built or re-built each of our vessels. Every other year each vessel returns to the shipyard for extensive inspection, preventive maintenance, and painting.


MTS also has its own state-of-the-art diesel engine rebuild facility.  We have an excellent team of the best diesel mechanics on the Gulf Coast on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our mechanics spend considerable time traveling to all ports along the Gulf Coast to keep MTS vessels running around the clock. Our engines receive thorough overhauls, down to the last bolt. They are dyno tested in the engine shop and are equivalent to a new engine when leaving the facility. We make every effort to change an engine before it fails. Through such­ efforts we are able to schedule the “down-time” of a vessel.  Every vital system on our vessels has a back-up system and MTS maintains a complete line of spare engines and parts including propeller shafts, propellers, rudders, radios, radars, etc.  We take pride in being ready when our customers need reliable marine transportation for their drilling operations. 

Family Leadership

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Ownership and leadership of Marine Transportation Services comes from the family of Grover Davis. As President, he and his wife, Judy, Vice President, founded MTS in 1974. Family management has expanded since then to include their two daughters, Kerrie Davis Beasley and Kimberly Davis Whitfield. Their husbands, Carl Beasley, Operations Manager, and Jason Whitfield, Mechanical Systems Supervisor, are also an integral part of the company. Kerrie comes to MTS as a CPA and Kim is a member of the Florida Bar.

All Together

Add it all together.  Marine Transportation Services is many special people, with a variety of specialized skills all working together, each dependent upon the other. From the company president to the newest deckhand, our staff is devoted to the goals of good health, safety and environmental protection. A team. A family. Captains, deckhands, engineers, mechanics, mates, shipyard workers and Davises, all acting as one to provide the finest marine transportation available to offshore drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico:  MARINE TRANSPORTATION  SERVICES, INC.